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29 June 2012 @ 12:00 pm
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  • Thu, 16:35: RT @supernovabanana: DALHIN NIYO AKONG SINGAPORE
  • Thu, 16:36: I'LL GO WITH YOU! XD RT @lihui94: ANYONE WANTS TO GO WITH ME
  • Thu, 16:49: :( RT @adshiomoto: I'm dying. Tawagan na ako please. :|
  • Thu, 16:54: I want to be a professional fangirl. Like, fly everywhere so I can see my idols and meet up with foreign fangirls and shit. XD
  • Thu, 17:04: Gora! :)) RT @supernovabanana: @_bogoshipo Tara, magtayo tayo ng DFA. :))
  • Thu, 17:13: I love it when gays make test question 'cause they come up with the funniest names like Ms. Binu Rah from Bb. Undas! =))))
  • Thu, 17:16: Almost done drinking from this baby! Plus, I'm almost done with my review!!!! #nle http://t.co/eiBrJzt
  • Thu, 17:20: Fangirls, thank you so much for an afternoon of (what else?) fangirling! I sure missed a lot since I started studying for my board. :(
  • Thu, 17:21: And now I have to go and finish my review 'cause I wanna rest tomorrow! Please pray for me as I take my exams this weekend! Thank you! <3
  • Thu, 18:17: This isn't working. Everytime I read the word "heartbeat" in my reviewers, I end up thinking of that 2PM song. :|
  • Thu, 18:22: Dear NazoDi staff, you should've known by now that your're working with an all-star cast that has an international fanbase. :|
  • Thu, 18:24: Mika, Airway and/or LOC will be always your top priority in assessing the patient.
  • Thu, 18:47: I miss these two!!!! TT__TT I can't wait to watch again NEXT WEEK! |:B http://t.co/zbepmpn
  • Thu, 19:01: Teh, I'm trying to make a statement - wai yu make kontra to my statement?
  • Thu, 19:32: Just because I'm almost done reviewing. Hope I get to finish by noon tomorrow! #nle http://t.co/RMjxyDH
  • Thu, 19:36: Okay. Yesterday and today were slow days for me. My goal is to finish the highlighted parts and the bullets tonight!
  • Thu, 19:37: And read the exams one last time tomorrow morning. By noon or lunch, stop na ako.
  • Thu, 19:48: OMG LUCKY PEOPLE! RT @pentagon5x: filming at night too? @itsmeu: WHAAAAT?! ARE YOU IN LOCATION NOW? RT @rainembow: SHO KUN WAVED TO US!!!
  • Thu, 19:52: IKIMASHOU~!!!! RT @pentagon5x: @_bogoshipo BRING ME THERE WITH YOUUU!!!
  • Thu, 21:14: Seriously. Because of @satovan, I wanna go to SG now. @lihui94 I'll start packing. @RvayEman come with me! XDDDD
  • Thu, 21:16: Why did they have to go to SG during my board exams?! T_T
  • Thu, 21:16: YOU SAW SHO TOO? RT @vennarainbow: all I could remember was my adrenaline was rushing and my heart was beating fast and I was speechless
  • Thu, 21:19: WHAT?! LUCKY! T____T RT @vennarainbow: @_bogoshipo yeap
  • Thu, 21:30: I just saw this part! :)) RT @yamakaze0672: Nino talks Kurosawa-san's friend's daughter.
  • Thu, 21:46: Just got off the phone with Stepdad. Seriously, I didn't want to talk to him 'cause he's so mushy and pushing it the wrong way.
  • Thu, 22:06: @RvayEman Ka-age lang natin si Hikaru eh. Eh siya yung oldest sa group nila. :))
  • Thu, 22:13: I have to go. I think I'm gonna start panicking na. AAAH. G'night!
  • Thu, 23:54: Thank you for always calming me down, @JernieAbarra. <3
  • Fri, 00:24: RT @utadahikaru: Should've begun Instagram sooner. Somebody's already taken utadahikaru and hikaruutada as usernames... so I signed up a ...